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Don't Charge These Purchases to Your Credit Card

Whether we like it or not (and I can't imagine anybody likes it), credit card companies have gotten into the habit of monitoring the behavior of their customers based on the purchases they make. Yes, your card issuer might be watching you. And they're making conclusions about your credit worthiness based on your spending behavior.

Robert Manning, author of Credit Card Nation, partnered up with Marketplace to compile a list of the 10 things you shouldn't charge to your credit card if you don't want credit card companies to question the state of your finances.

  1. Traffic tickets: "A lot of people who have charged traffic tickets have defaulted on their cards."
  2. Retreading your tires: "If you've bought new tires in the past, this can look like a desperate move."
  3. Bargain binges: "If you haven't used your credit card at a 99-cent store or at Wal-Mart, don't start now!"
  4. Adult playthings: "Porn is seen as escapism by card companies. And guess what they're thinking you're trying to escape from? Financial worries."
  5. Marriage counseling and therapy: "Divorce can destroy your finances. Needing therapy may also make it look like you're unstable."

See the five other purchases to avoid when you


  1. Lottery tickets: "You don't want your card company to think you're irresponsible — or a gambler."
  2. Cash advances: "Tapping your card for cash? Or using a credit-card check to pay other bills? Not a good look."
  3. Personal pampering: "If you don't normally splurge at the spa, don't put your facial or massage on your plastic."
  4. Income taxes: "Whenever you rack up one bill (by using your credit card) to pay another bill (your taxes) it raises a red flag."
  5. Booze: "Springing for too many drinks may be a sign of job stress, financial stress, or relationship stress."
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