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Remember Gordon Patzer, the author of Looks: Why They Matter More Than You Ever Imagined, who predicts that plastic surgery will become a tool in career advancement just like education? He's not a surgeon but he has spent his career researching what US News calls "the phenomenon of physical appearance." Patzer and a couple other cosmetic experts chose the three best and worst plastic surgeries for your career. US News has paired their picks with physician's fees that don't include the additional 20 to 40 percent cost for anesthesia, implant, and operating-room costs. Are the expenses and pain worth any possible benefits?

The Best

  • Eyelid surgery, average cost: $3,134. Patzer says: "Facial symmetry correlates to attractiveness, as do perceptions of youth and health. Eyelid surgery can be a good investment."
  • Face-lift (for women over 50), average cost: $5,031. Denise Thomas a New York cosmetic surgery consultant, says: "The minute the woman has her face-lift, she becomes bouncier, happier — just happy with herself."
  • Rhinoplasty, average price: $3,833. Lois Stern, author of Sex, Lies, and Cosmetic Surgery says: A nose job, like a face-lift, can give confidence to someone who has long felt the feature was holding him or her back.

Find out which surgeries are the worst when you


The Worst

  • Forehead lift, average cost: $3,092. Thomas says: "A forehead lift can leave a man with a constant surprised look, as though he's about to ask a question. And you ask yourself: How intelligent was this man? Did he check it out?"
  • Breast augmentation, average cost: $3,816. Thomas says: "A major breast enhancement may backfire professionally for a woman who works in a conservative setting like a bank."
  • Liposuction, average cost: $2,982. According to Stern: "Liposuction cuts the fat quickly, but if patients aren't upfront with colleagues, relationships can be damaged by the secrecy behind the improved appearance."


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