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Family Finds $10,000 in Organic Crackers Box

Holding onto money is everyone's goal these days, yet one honest California family was eager to give back the envelope filled with $100 bills found in a box of crackers. Whole Foods is notorious for costly groceries that eat up our paychecks, but the Rogoff family unknowingly left the store $10,000 richer.

Instead of depositing the found money into a bank account, the Rogoffs called the police to report the booty found in a box of Annie's Sour Cream and Onion Cheddar Bunny crackers. Police suspected the cash to be part of a drug drop until they heard from a Whole Foods manager calling on behalf of a customer claiming she left her life savings in a box of mistakenly returned crackers.

The woman no longer trusted banks and chose the box of crackers as the hiding place for her savings. Lucky for her, Whole Foods accidentally restocked the box of crackers rather than throwing them away and the Rogoffs did the ethical thing and didn't keep the cash as their own. Would you have made the same decision?


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