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Mail with my name on it always makes me smile, but credit card solicitations are a whole other story. Opting out of these offers has brought the number to a fraction of what it used to be, so I would advise Gary Silbar of Highland Park, Illinois to do the same. In an experiment that would test anyone's nerves, Gary saved every offer sent to his family for one year, and the grand total came to an unbelievable 445.

Gary and his wife are in a high income bracket and have excellent credit, making them prime candidates for credit card solicitations. However, their 8-year old and 11-year old children seem unusual targets, yet 35 of the bunch were addressed to them. The Silbars have made a shocking point and can now get rid of the 23-pound pile of credit card offers, but it won't be easy. Gary joked, "We will have to shred it over a couple of days," he said. "Otherwise, we will burn out the shredder, and I will have to use a credit card to buy a new shredder."


graylen graylen 8 years
Hismomma09- I had to laugh at yours!
margokhal margokhal 8 years
445 is kind of ridiculous. I just ignore them. Shred them, toss them, don't answer phone calls or emails...eventually they'll quit.
PinkNC PinkNC 8 years
I can't stand junk mail. And I really hate those large paper flyers with large advertising for pizza and other resturants that I never eat at. The large paper always has even more smaller flyers inside it offering me Gerber insurance, credit cards offers, tires and brake service, and this week I got a Jessica Simpson Proactive flyer. . Imagine the look on my face when I opened it up to see if any REAL mail was stuffed inside, and there dropped out Jessica Simpson and her Proactive acne ad...ahh.
hismomma09 hismomma09 8 years
A friend taught me a great retaliation tactic for junk mail---one I especially love for unsolicited credit card offers. Since I began using this tactic I have seen a huge reduction in my junk mail because you will never get one from the same place again! When you receive junk mail, most come with a return envelope, postage paid. I use that envelope to send the company back a free gift of my own. I fill their envelope with whatever is handy.....pebbles, cereal, offers from other companies, cigarette butts, gum wrappers, pens that don't work, expired coupons...whatever happens to be lying around at the time. I then seal the envelope and return it to them at their expense in the postage paid envelope provided. Believe me, it only takes one time and your name gets removed from their mailing list.
Si1v3rPho3n1x Si1v3rPho3n1x 8 years
wow thats a lot. and to the kids? what? do the kids put fake info on da web? lawls
Caron89 Caron89 8 years
Sorry I didn't read the previous comments,but it is still a great idea...
Caron89 Caron89 8 years
I have an even better idea, most offers come with postage free envelopes, I tear everything up and put it all back in the envelope and seal it and return it to them...Hope this works for you...
popsugarjunkie popsugarjunkie 8 years
You know what I do every time I get an unsolicited credit card offer.. Well you know the postage paid envelope that comes with them I take the offer and shred it. Then I place all the shredded offer into the postage paid envelope, and I mail it back to them!!! I usually do not receive any more offers from that company.
Jayde323 Jayde323 8 years the people that say they return it to the CC company in the prepaid envelope with "Refused" on the does no good. The companies hire a 3rd party administrator to handle these offers and they don't recycle. Most just go in the trash. Do mother earth a favor and shred and recycle the offers.
mamma-t mamma-t 8 years
I had a friend save all the pre address post cards from magazines and sent them all back WITHOUT A NAME the post office made their money that' all a bit funny yet well cc I've no offers due to super amounts of medical bills ! No one want to give us credit now
Jayde323 Jayde323 8 years
Only 445? Seems like the credit card companies took it easy last year.
Wgdddim Wgdddim 8 years
You know my family was the same way! We had a family pet and some how people got ahold of her name Which was Charlie Dog and we would get credit card apps and collage apps in her name......What next.....
thinksome thinksome 8 years
I did the same thing as u82mini a few years ago- still works. An easier way is to contact Equifax or Equarian (major CC companies) and TELL them (don't ask) to remove your name and all family members' names from their mailing lists- also ask that your personal info not be given, sold or exchanged to third parties. Also, do the same with any MAGAZINE subscriptions you may have, also ask them not to provide your info to their affilaites (one HUGE company usually owns many magazines)- they are NOTORIOUS for selling your personal info. Also NEVER give out your address when making purchases- if you must, ask the same (remove or don't add your info to their mailing lists). The same goes for catalogues when ordering online. (they seem to come almost weekly!)- opt out of these and get e-mail notices if you really want to know what's going on sale etc.. Finally, contact Direct Marketing Associates (in NY, I think) and TELL them to remove your info from their lists. After you take these step essentially all junk mail will stop, and you can take some satisfaction in your effort. Some folks don't think junk mail is a big deal-they simply toss it. But if you actually think of how much energy and resources are wasted from this type of mail it's more than a shame- it's a sad testament to our wasteful society. Please do your part and reduce waste in any way possible, the cumulative impact of conscious action DOES make a positive difference for all. (Not preaching, it's simply a fact)
dreyfus dreyfus 8 years
Not really that bad...we recycle the "junk mail"---shred it for packages OR use it to start the fireplace. We actually run out of "junk mail". Oh yes, the kids even have used the print for school projects. So, really NOT a "bad thing"--Just have to think a little bit harder.
pokey927 pokey927 8 years
I too have been sending back their crap in the prepaid envelopes. But I may have to try the sharpie and "take me off the list" thing. Too funny.
u82mini u82mini 8 years
Here's how I stopped them from sending me those ridiculous applications. I took took the application out of the envelope, wrote in real big letters "TAKE NAME OFF LIST" and mailed the application along with the trash envelope they sent me, back to them in their own prepaid envelope. Stopped all of them after a few months. Not one in almost a year.
coffyjunky coffyjunky 8 years
I haven't signed up to stop the spam mail I'm having too much fun with it. I save up all the offers I get and then put the free pizza coupon in the Amex envelope, the loan paperwork in the visa envelope.........well you get the idea. Infantile and purile I know but it keeps me amused thinking of all these people in various places opening the replied paid mail and saying "wtf?" Lmao.
cyo cyo 8 years
I either sent them back using the prepaid postage envelope or wrote "Deceased" on the envelope then return the mail to the sender. My sons, then were 5 & 9, received credit card offer couple years ago, I had to call the company to remove their names from the list.
smokeyjoe smokeyjoe 8 years
So screw the banks. Just write refused on the application. Stuff the application, and all pieces of paper including the envelope the offer arrived in,into the postage paid return envelope and throw it back in the mail. The bank has to pay at least 55 cents for every one of these envelopes that are returned to them. They are charged this at the post office BEFORE they are delivered to the bank. Works great.
Dorney12202 Dorney12202 8 years
I put the offers in the self addressed envelope with the offer & mail it back to them.
Beauty Beauty 8 years
I opted out and love the relative absence of junk mail. My dad, however, continues to get credit card offers... even though he's in a nursing home with no income. Grrr.
shydcgirl28 shydcgirl28 8 years
And I thought 40 was too many...
Antioxidant Antioxidant 8 years
Sooooo glad I opted out of getting cc offers, haven't received one since. And I wonder where they put all those offers? If they kept going, maybe they could devote a whole room to the junk.
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
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