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Mail with my name on it always makes me smile, but credit card solicitations are a whole other story. Opting out of these offers has brought the number to a fraction of what it used to be, so I would advise Gary Silbar of Highland Park, Illinois to do the same. In an experiment that would test anyone's nerves, Gary saved every offer sent to his family for one year, and the grand total came to an unbelievable 445.

Gary and his wife are in a high income bracket and have excellent credit, making them prime candidates for credit card solicitations. However, their 8-year old and 11-year old children seem unusual targets, yet 35 of the bunch were addressed to them. The Silbars have made a shocking point and can now get rid of the 23-pound pile of credit card offers, but it won't be easy. Gary joked, "We will have to shred it over a couple of days," he said. "Otherwise, we will burn out the shredder, and I will have to use a credit card to buy a new shredder."


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