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Most of the 40 people CNN Money asked about the best money advice they'd ever received have actually made their fortunes in finance — the many economics professors and investment gurus they interviewed are talented with money. There were a few names in there that are making their livings off of their skillful talents that didn't involve playing with numbers or keeping track of market trends, and I've selected those to share with you.

  • Bobbi Brown, Founder and CEO, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics:

I started working as a freelance makeup artist in 1980, and I worried that I didn't have enough money. My father told me I'd just have to figure out a way to make more money. So I started looking through the Yellow Pages and calling agencies, magazines, photographers - anyone I could offer my services to. I'd work for free until I proved myself. Soon enough, I was getting regular calls to do their makeup. My father's advice made me feel that I was in control of my future. I realized that it was my job to find more opportunities.

Find out what advice author Elizabeth Gilbert and the Yankee's Derek Jeter shared when you


  • Derek Jeter, Shortstop, New York Yankees:

The best financial advice I've received is that you should always know where your money is. Even if you have someone who handles your finances for you, you should always be involved in the process. I learned this from my parents.

  • Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love:

My father is the most frugal human being I've ever met. His most adamant instruction was that I should never under any circumstances go into debt. To this end, he passed along the message his own grandfather had taught him: "Borrowing money is like wetting your bed in the middle of the night. At first all you feel is warmth and release. But very, very quickly comes the awful, cold discomfort of reality."That vivid image has stuck with me forever. Even when I was a diner waitress, I wouldn't let a month go by without paying off my credit card. And this adamancy has kept me warm and dry and free my whole life.


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