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Ask Savvy: Is It a Faux Pas to Interview Without Pantyhose?

Dear Savvy,

It's Summer, and I have an interview the first week of July. I plan on wearing a gray skirt-suit with a green top and black pumps. I'm not sure of the dress code, but it seams pretty laid-back from the phone call and how chatty she was. I never wear nylons — maybe tights in the Winter, but only if there is a foot of snow. Would it be a total faux pas to not wear them?

Savvy says: Hose or no hose, it's an age-old question that has a lot of ladies torn. To see my thoughts on the issue,


You can't assume anything about the dress code from a chatty hiring manager. The simplest way to remedy your dilemma is to call your contact at the company, or even the receptionist, and ask for details on the dress code. Appropriate interview attire varies greatly between industries and companies, so take the guessing out of it with a simple phone call.

Most offices are more forgiving during the Summer months, but if you discover that you're entering a formally dressed workplace I'd throw on a pair of subtle hose for the sake of being conservative. If the office is casual you can forget about the nylons, and if it's business casual I wouldn't criticize you for skipping the hose because it's hot outside.

What do you think — is it a faux pas to interview without nylons?


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