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Financial Turmoil Leads to More Divorce Among the Wealthy

I'm Not Saying She's a Gold Digger . . .

London's credit crunch and financial turmoil has unfortunately mirrored that of the US, and finance types in the British capital are preparing themselves for reduced bonus payouts this year. While these guys are dreading to see how the year's financials actually play out, they're also being played by the women who said for better or for worse.

The head of a London law firm noted that "Historically during a financial downturn the divorce rate amongst high earners has increased," and based on this assumption the firm recently surveyed 100 analysts, stockbrokers, and hedge fund managers. It showed that 80 percent of them expect more women will serve divorce papers before their husbands' fortunes deteriorate further, and one out of 10 is concerned about his own wife asking him for a divorce.

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bleached bleached 8 years
Chances are, both people know what they're getting into. You want to marry the trophy wife/husband? You live with the consequences.
em113 em113 8 years
stephley makes a good point, there could be other factors at play. but regardless I don't feel too bad for these men, gold-diggers are not that hard to spot. if you're marrying a beautiful woman half your age don't be so delusional. the fact that some men are saying they're worried about their wives divorcing them during this bad economic time demonstrates that they knew what kind of women they were marrying, so its their choice they have to live with.
stephley stephley 8 years
It's possible that the men become more difficult to live with during an economic downturn - otherwise, what a yuck story.
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