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SavvySugar Community member littlemissjobhunter is part of the sobering statistic: nearly one out of 10 Americans are out of work. Join her in the trials and tribulations of a job-seeker — a journey that'll maybe help you understand that the unemployment figures aren't just a number. In her latest post, she reveals how she gave up on a career in fashion for a "real" job, only to risk it all to go back to square one to chase her dream job again.

As a girl who was born and raised on the east coast, attended college in the Midwest, with origins in Asia, and currently residing on the west coast, my own sense of style draws influence from the many facets of my own upbringing and experience. I use my own wardrobe as a means to express myself, which can be primarily attributed to my background. As a young girl, high-end fashion advertisements stuck with me and designer names were easier to memorize than any SAT flash card. While most teenagers watched the current melodramatic offering on the WB, I enjoyed watching NY Metro Channel’s Fashion segment with coverage of the latest runway shows to general trend forecasts for the upcoming season.  I told myself one day I will be sitting in attendance at one of these shows as a buyer, clipboard and pencil in hand.

To find out what happened, read on.

After receiving the results of what I believe to be a flawed high school career test, as I had no interest in becoming an agricultural farmer, I started looking into potential fashion careers. With no experience at all, I went on the hunt for any exciting fashion internship while in college and started blindly sending out resumes shortly prior to my graduation. Unfortunately, the financial tsunami had taken effect and retail was hit hard as a result. Shipped halfway across the world to the financial epi-center of Asia by my parents, I now found myself ironically working for an accounting firm, a career path I strived to stay far away from. And this, ladies and gentleman is the drive that ultimately brought back my focus: aspirations of being a buyer in the US.


During my one year abroad, I reflected on what in life really made me happy and in what way I could take something I enjoyed and turn it into a career possibility. I knew one comfort when work became stressful that I could always turn to — fashion blogs, lots of them. In a nutshell, I know that being a fashion buyer is my calling, and more fitting towards my personality, skill set and passion. Hopefully my own experience can offer some insight into why my dream job is as such but also inspire readers to look beyond what is deemed a "successful career” and to their dreams and passions. A job should not only be a means to pay the bills but something you ENJOY doing.

Until next time . . . signing off,


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