Often times, moms find joy in a professional career as it breathes life into adult conversations and keeps the brain stimulated. For many women, the ideal job is not full time since time with their babe is also important. But unfortunately, full time work is often the only option.

To see what a new Bay Area company is doing to help parents fulfill their dreams,


In an ideal world, many mamas would return to the workplace if they could negotiate a flexible schedule. A flex schedule allows working parents to "bend" the hours and days so that they can make the best of both worlds – family and career.

Realizing the need for experienced professionals and the lack of job opportunities for parents, three mothers started a company called Flexperience Consulting that matches skilled workers wanting flexible hours with companies looking for experienced workers. The result is a match made in heaven. Workplaces reap the benefits of practiced and talented employees while parents make the most of work and pleasure.

Some of the businesses that Flexperience Consulting works with are Levi's® Brand and PIXAR.