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Ask Savvy: Is It Too Late to Follow-Up After My Interview?

Dear Savvy,

I interviewed for a job nearly two weeks ago. I thought the interview went very well, but I haven't yet heard back. I sent thank-you notes to the HR Director, as well as to the hiring manager. The hiring manager actually responded to my email with "we'll be in touch." Now that two weeks have passed, should I assume they chose someone else, should I stay patient, or should I follow-up?

Unfortunately I did not think to ask them about their hiring process and time-line during the interview. If I follow-up, what would be appropriate? Asking if I'm still being considered or if they would like more information? And should I follow-up with both individuals I spoke with? I'm seeking advice because I'm afraid my desperation to land this job is outweighing my good judgment!

See my answer when you


It sounds like you're aware of this interview tip, but I'll remind you anyway: If this position doesn't work out remember that at the end of your next interview, you should ask when they are looking to make a decision. That would remove any uncertainty about when would be appropriate to follow-up. Let's stay optimistic though, because two weeks of no contact does not mean that your opportunity has been swooped up by another applicant.

My recommendation is to respond to the hiring manager's email that told you she would be in touch. It isn't uncommon for the hiring process to take a couple weeks or more, especially during the Summer months when many of the decision makers are on vacation. Write a message that is friendly but professional and say something along the lines of this bare bones example. Short and sweet is best!

Name of hiring manager,

I hope that you've been enjoying the start of Summer and are doing well. I'm wondering where you are in the process for filling (name the position you're hoping for) as I am still very interested in working with (name the company). Thank you for taking the time and I look forward to your response.

Your name


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