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Fortune's 100 Best Companies to Work For

What's the Best Company to Work For?

Fortune just released its 100 Best Companies to Work For list for 2008. Can you guess which company came out on top?


What's the Best Company to Work For?

Which company is ranked number one this year?

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iamvictorious iamvictorious 9 years
I just applied for a position at Google.
pixelsugar pixelsugar 9 years
Finally I scored 100% on a sugar quiz! I wish I could work for Google.
Daisies Daisies 9 years
They should write a book!
hokiepokie hokiepokie 9 years
I would love to work at Google. Their entire complex sounds ridiculously amazing. I'd love to just visit one day.
insanitypepper insanitypepper 9 years
I want to visit their offices just to eat lunch. The dining options sound amazing.
laluna27 laluna27 9 years
I've heard its so fun there!
fiestygirl fiestygirl 9 years
no surprise
sparkleluvr sparkleluvr 9 years
Oh, I should have gone with my first instinct. Good for Google, I use them pretty much every day. :-)
mleiv mleiv 9 years
Not really interested in working for companies with cult-like appeal. Too creepy. I did the rah-rahs back in 2000 for a now-bankrupt company, now I hope my employers are just happy with my work ethic: they can't have my religious devotion.
Lorelei-Spirit Lorelei-Spirit 9 years
Nobody does it better than Google
Veekore Veekore 9 years
I'm surprised. I really thought it would be PWC or Ernst & Young because they've really ramped up their Gen Y working conditions in order to recruit.
anna_muffin anna_muffin 9 years
Yeah, Google is really famous for it's amazing work environment. I study CS in a city where Google has one its European branches, but even if they did something I was interested in I don't think they would hire me ;-) But I know some people who work for them. And not all of them are complete geeks, surprisingly ;-)
haute77 haute77 9 years
funny you should post this. i just read this article.
fitgirlFL fitgirlFL 9 years
I love google - use it every single day.
SkinnyMarie SkinnyMarie 9 years
They have given so much to our city its amazing. I would love to work for them, if they even needed an on hand designer?
sweetpeabrina sweetpeabrina 9 years
My sis-in-law just started working there! So far she loves it!
foxie foxie 9 years
I love Google. I even originated (well, not ACTUALLY, obviously) an Arabic verb for "to Google."
terryt18 terryt18 9 years
What's Google?
SummerBaby SummerBaby 9 years
i heard that Google is an AMAZING company to work for! :)
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