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Four New Penny Designs

Unveiled! Lincoln's One Cent Makeover For His 200th Birthday

Earlier this year the five dollar bill featuring Abraham Lincoln's face was given a purple makeover, and now the US Mint is introducing not one but four new penny designs! Abe would be turning 200 next year and the occasion is being honored with the release of the new pennies, and it's the first time the penny has been altered in 50 years.

Lincoln's profile will remain as we've known it on one side of the penny and the other side will feature new images. The first of the four designs will be released into circulation starting on Feb. 12 (Abe's birthday) and a different penny will be introduced every three months. The different images depict a log cabin, a young Lincoln reading a book, Lincoln as a young lawyer in Springfield, IL, and a half-completed Capitol dome.


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