This will come as no huge surprise to you, but some fancy products aren't worth the money. (I know, shocking, right?) I always like to find products of good value, but there are some things that you never need to splurge on. Next week, I'll share some beauty products that are worth their price. But for now, read on to find out which things are just as effective as their costly counterparts.

Nail polish
Sad to say, Chanel polish doesn't warrant the $19 price tag. You can get great results without spending more than $10, or even five bucks. Essie, CND, and OPI are all great choices. Sally Hansen and Revlon also make long-lasting polishes for about $5. Why pay more than you have to?

For three more cheapies,


Facial cleansers
It makes sense to invest in a good night cream, since that'll be on your face all night. But a cleanser? You put it on and rinse it off in less than a minute, washing money down the drain. I recently tried Olay Regenerist cleanser and was floored by the quality — not to mention the price. And every dermatologist I've talked with recommends Purpose or Cetaphil.

Body scrubs
Ditto body scrubs, unless you absolutely love the fragrance (and can afford to shell out $30, $40, $50 for a fancy one). I once tried a $95 body scrub, but it did nothing that my drugstore scrub didn't do. And to keep your bank account fat and happy, you can make your own scrub.

Pencil lip liners
The difference between a Wet 'n' Wild liner and one that costs $24 is usually minimal — if it even exists at all. Although I find that certain nonpencil liners go on more smoothly and stay longer than their cheaper counterparts, most pencils behave in pretty much the same way. So try a cheap version before splurging on a department-store brand. At best, you've found a huge bargain; at worst, you're out a buck or two.