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16 Sweet Free Trials You Should Sign Up For

You never know whether you like something until you try it. Business Insider suggests some free trials that are worth checking out.

Companies give away free subscriptions on the assumption that customers will decide to keep paying or forget to cancel.

We can say from personal experience that it's easy to forget to cancel until the first bill arrives.

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If you are careful, however, then this is a great chance to get free music, movies, workouts, and more. We've rounded up some of the best deals.



Why you want it: Watch whatever you want, whenever you want, without late fees. You can also stream movies! And it beats shelling out $13 for a movie ticket.
What you'll get: Unlimited streaming and one DVD rental at a time.
Try it for: One month.

Read on for more.

Why you want it: You're single, desperate, and makes everything better.
What you'll get: Unlimited, instant streaming of thousands of flicks and TV shows; free two-day shipping; and a Kindle book to borrow from Amazon's Lending Library.
Try it for: One month.

Why you want it: You're dying to know why your right ear is bigger than your left ear.
What you'll get: Access to more than 1 billion international records, including church, birth, marriage, death, military, and census docs.
Try it for: 14 days.

Spotify Premium

Why you want it: Millions of tracks, on-the-go playlists, and proof your BFF digs Carley Rae Jepsen. You can also stream playlists offline.
What you'll get: All the above.
Try it for: 30 days.

Hulu Plus

Why you want it: Netflix is cool and all, but its collection isn't exactly highbrow.
What you'll get: Nonstop streaming on your PS3, Roku, Xbox, and laptop, plus access to the awe-inspiring Criterion Collection. This is crucial.
Try it for: One week.


Why you want it: Your brain's turned to mush, and reading print hurts your eyes.
What you'll get: Thousands of books, unlimited rentals, no due dates, no late fees, and no paper.
Try it for: Two weeks.

The Wall Street Journal's Digital Subscription

Why you want it: You feel out of the loop and have a thing for Rupert Murdoch.
What you'll get: Unlimited access to smartphone apps and
Try it for: Four weeks


Why you want it: The Netflix of console games boasts an arcade that could bring prepubescent boys to tears.
What you'll get: One game at a time to play as long you like on PS3, XBox 360, Wii, 3Ds . . . the list goes on and on, with over 8,000 games to choose from.
Try it for: 30 days.

Photoshop CS6

Why you want it: Must. Airbrush. Profile picture.
What you'll get: Extended features for 3D design, state-of-the-art editing, graphic design capabilities, etc.
Try it for: 30 days.


Why you want it: There's no way you're going to let a bunch of zits get in your way.
What you'll get: The company's three-step, acne-blasting system, which includes cleanser, toner, and medicated treatment.
Try it for: 60 days.


Why you want it: You've been meaning to offload that money-suck of a house — or buy a new one.
What you'll get: A subscription to the site to look up foreclosures, listings, and home values.
Try it for: Seven days.

Norton Internet Security 2012

Why you want it: After the hackers zapped your PC, you've been shaken ever since.
What you'll get: The comfort of knowing you can surf, bank, and shop online without having your identity hijacked.
Try it for: 30 days.

BONUS: BI Intelligence

Why you want it: Your investment decisions could use some fine-tuning.
What you'll get: Full access to research updates via email, Twitter, and the web. Also, charts. A whole lot of charts.
Try it for: Four weeks.

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I have been thinking of signing up for Spotify premium, so I will test drive it first!
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