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Fun Personal Finance Game

What Would You Rather Spend Money on?

Spending money is very subjective; what some of us see as a necessity, others might view as a frivolous waste. Play our faceoff game and tell us which expense you're willing to spend money on.

The choices are endless, from gym memberships to having a kid to premium cable channels; you never know what crazy matchup will come next. Pick which one you'd rather spend money on and see if your peers agree. The pairs won't always be apples-to-apples comparisons — say, taking a honeymoon vs. eyebrow shaping! — but they are designed to inspire tough choices, which is what personal saving is all about.

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springfellow3 springfellow3 5 years
Ok Buddy saving strategy engaged for quite some time now.... All systems are in the green, get ready for take-off.... Clear to go..... AIRWOLF is on the way....
amber512 amber512 5 years
On so many of them I want to be able to say NEITHER! I don't drink coffee... I'm not into jewelry...
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