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Chronicles of a Job Hunter: Committing Treachery or Just Perpetual Advancement?

The life of temping is a tumultous one, with ups and downs at every corner. On one hand, you finally have income, but on the other, your permanence at the position is still ambiguous. Check out how SavvySugar Community member, littlemissjobhunter, is juggling the roller coaster world of temping, and be sure to read about all her adventures:

Week four of temping has officially begun, and the once steep learning curve is tapering off to a rather routine and repetitive set of tasks, for better or worse. Unlike other large retail establishments, there was no retail math class, or fabrics based training class while stepping into this position. It can best be described or compared to Darwin’s evolution theory of “survival of the fittest.”

With the arrival of Chinese New Year quickly approaching, the world of retail comes to a sudden halt as well. Factories are perpetually closed for two to three weeks where workers make the long trek home to the rural parts of China to be with their families. Because the workers are only given this one stretch of vacation a year, the entire country takes this holiday very seriously. On the corporate America retail side, this means lack of email responses, or any correspondences for two to three weeks. Business is put on a short hiatus and this time is known as “catch-up” time. Any work that has been put aside due to more urgent matters are now dug up and worked on, fabric samples are re-organized, and tidied up. I can best classify it as spring cleaning of the office. In my particular case, I cannot stand disorganization and thus, I ensure everything is neat and orderly on a regular basis. Consequently, this time in which my co-workers use to organize, I sit and let my mind wander, a common occurrence when I am bored or unchallenged.


To find out why I feel like an undercover spy, read on.

Because of the uncertainty and virtual instability of this position, I started contacting old recruiters from other companies in hopes of something a bit more permanent. One of my biggest pet peeves is instability. I love having everything planned and spontaneity is seldom considered my strong suit. Within a week, I heard back from a few recruiters with interviews lined up while still engaged in a 9 to 6 job. As I surreptitiously made bathroom runs to correspond back to interview set-ups via my handy iPhone, I cannot help but feel the deep pit within my stomach churn. Packing my suit neatly in my bag while dipping out early for a "doctor's appointment?" Is this what "finding your dream job" entails? Perhaps this is the type of emotions that spies are constantly faced with?  Am I completely ungrateful and discarding loyalty, or are my actions perfectly viable given the current circumstance? I have been told by my closest friends and confidants that my forgiving and gullible nature do not pend well in the corporate world and most likely will be taken advantage of. But, I cannot help but feel a strong sense of treachery for, not exactly the company that I "represent", but more so for the manager that has invested in my skillset and capabilities. What are your thoughts readers? Soviet spy or the climb to the top of the corporate ladder? You decide.

Until next time . . . signing off,


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Mippi Mippi 6 years
I completely understand what you're going through because I'm currently working a temp job myself. But it's just that: a temporary job. You SHOULD be looking for a more secure and permanent position. The company you work for right now should understand that, and if they don't like it they should hire you permanently.
lanwa lanwa 6 years
In the corporate environment and elsewhere these days, there is no longer any "loyalty". Everybody is expendable, and as a temp who hasn't worked in months- you have to look after your own best interests. The people getting the bailouts don't care about the worker bee. The quality of life in America- it's deplorable!! We give our life's blood, can get laid off with only a moment's notice, while we're expected to give our loyalty to companies who don't return the favor...most rarely even give workers any benefits! or run off with them after stealing the company blind. Get your best deal, and rest assured the company will do the same!
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