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Student loans are increasingly necessary for many students to pay for college, but these massive debts are causing some graduates to flee the country. It may seem dramatic, but leaving the country sometimes seems like the only option for grads that have defaulted on their student loans and can't find another way to escape the debt collectors.

CNN Money profiled a student loan fugitive named Chris who got a foreign address to escape his $160,000 student debt from getting a master's degree in music. He anticipated his monthly payments to be around $600, but they turned out to be a completely unmanageable $2,400. Chris says, "I am upset at myself. I could have gone to a cheaper school. But I'm most angry at the fact that for anyone who has debt that's not student loan debt, there's relief."

In some cases, student loans are discharged or partially discharged because of hardship. Chris and other graduates who feel helpless should explore these options before fleeing the country.

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