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Green-Collar Jobs on the Rise

Going Green: Green-Collar Jobs

Many professionals are beginning to apply their skills to improving the environment, and as a result a whole new collared class has emerged. According to a report commissioned by the American Solar Energy Society, there are currently 8.5 million U.S. jobs in renewable-energy and energy-efficiency industries and that number could grow to 40 million in the next twenty years.

Some politicians are certainly doing their part to hit that 40 million mark. On Monday, Hillary Clinton and John Edwards both mentioned creating more green-collar jobs to stimulate the economy, as these jobs aren't easily outsourced.

Considering a green-collar career? Careerbuilder has a list of 25 Jobs That Let You Go Green along with average salaries for each job.


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chancleta chancleta 9 years
modular partitions i like that though i'm very green and do my best to always be green i'm not really thinking of a green career BUT i do love your post! and learning about career options
SkinnyMarie SkinnyMarie 9 years
Although it is not on the list, being an Architect or Commercial Interior Designer has a large affect on being green. One of the biggest land fill items that cannot be recycled is Dry Wall/SheetRock/Gypsum Board. With businesses constantly moving and having spaces built to taste (as it should be) there is a large amount of dry wall that comes out of those places, and it only sit in a landfill. Although this is not an issue to LEED (because they couldn't come up with an alternative) its is one of the largest items that fills landfills that can't be broken down. Am I ranting? sorry. Think beyond the minimums, use modular partitions!
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