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Handle This: Your Date Can't Afford to Take You Out

Handle This: Your Date Can't Afford to Take You Out

Recently you were asked out on a date by a guy who works in your building. For your first date, he takes you on a fun factory tour of a local brewery, and you guys grab slices of pizza afterward. On the next date he takes you to his favorite burrito place and then an art gallery. Most recently you guys hit up a dive bar. You love that he’s zany, and you really connect with him in a way you haven't with a guy in a long time.

But when you ask if he'll come with you to a friend's birthday party at a sit-down restaurant, he says yes but only if you pay, since he’s broke. You don't mind paying, but since you know he has a job, you can't help but wonder if he's really broke or just cheap. How would you handle this?


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