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15 of the Happiest Jobs Around

The grass is always green on the other side, and we're always wondering about other people who are happy at their jobs. Business Insider and Career Bliss joined forces to figure out what jobs have the happiest employees by combing through 57,000 employee evaluations with over 450 job titles — and the results may surprise you.

Listed in order are the jobs that keep employees happy because of factors like flexibility, awesome co-workers, company culture, and more. The average salaries are also included for perspective.

  1. Research/teaching assistant: $33,600
  2. QA analyst: $58,000
  3. Realtor: $53,800
  4. Loan officer: $54,200
  5. Sales representative: $62,400
  6. Controller: $64,100
  7. HR manager: $64,800
  8. Software developer/engineer: $75,800
  9. Intern: $36,500
  10. Team leader: $67,000
  11. Construction manager: $72,400
  12. Facilities manager: $59,200
  13. Marketing consultant: $74,300
  14. Contractor: $63,200
  15. Designer: $65,900
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