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Your Two Cents: Has Your Boss Crossed Any Lines?

There's a situation in 27 Dresses where Katherine Heigl's character, Jane, receives an anonymous bouquet of flowers when she arrives to work. When her boss, George (who she's crazy in love with), asks if she got the thing he left on her desk that morning, she assumes he's referring to the flowers. He says that he was worried because they'd never had that kind of relationship before and, well, you know where this is going. It crushes her when later it's revealed that he was referring to the dry-cleaning slip he'd left on her desk, and not the lovely bouquet.

A recent survey found that "secretaries and PAs spend hours of their days engaged in running errands for their bosses or sorting out their employers' personal lives." Has your boss ever crossed the line of asking you to perform more personal duties that fall outside of your job?

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