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Have You Ever Opened a Store Credit Card Out of Sympathy?

Have You Ever Opened a Store Credit Card Out of Sympathy?

"No thanks" is my standard answer when salespeople suggest I open a store credit card. I know they're just trying to fill a quota placed on them by their managers, and in some cases they earn commission, but any sympathy I feel for them having to ask that dreaded question has never prompted me to open an account.

MSNBC recently shared the story of Mary Uhazi, who is struggling to repay the $60,000 she owes on credit cards. Mary's hours were recently cut at work, so it's tougher than ever to keep up with her debt, and she says the debt compiled without ever making any major purchases. She juggled 13 credit cards and admits that if someone asked her to open a store credit card, sometimes she would agree because she used to work in retail and knew the salesperson would get a commission.

Have you ever opened a store card out of sympathy?

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