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There are books available to guide us on everything from gardening and self-help to personal finance. The latter can be tough to select because there are so many titles telling us they can best fix our finances or get us rich. Have you ever bought a personal finance book?


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Dachshunds1234 Dachshunds1234 8 years
I usually borrow them from the library instead of buying them for a more Money Management friendly way of reading the books.
Court003 Court003 8 years
I've got 3 Suze Orman books - and she is AWESOME! I've also given her books to others as well. :D
dcfashionista dcfashionista 8 years
KMattes, I have the same book and I bought one for my sister.
outofhere outofhere 8 years
Yes! I have all of Suze Ormans books and several others. On the advice of a friend, I just recently bought The Bogleheads guide to Investing.
magickalrealism magickalrealism 8 years
I've purchased Nice Girls Don't Get Rich and the Wall Street Journal lifetime money guide. WSJ's I've never finished, Nice Girls, I need to reread!
l3wilso l3wilso 8 years
I love Suze Orman books. You can get them on Pdf free on her site.
SDTransplant SDTransplant 8 years
I've bought two of Suze Orman's books and checked out the rest from the library. I've also read Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover and it had some helpful tips. My b/f used to follow Jim Cramer religiously and bought all his books, so I've read some of his stuff.
KMattes KMattes 8 years
I have, if Amy Dacyczyn's "Tightwad Gazette" counts as a personal finance book. Long live frugality!
luvluvg luvluvg 8 years
Yes. Suze Orman's The Road To Wealth is amazing! I think everyone should read it because it deals with every type of person in a variety of situations. It's laid out in a question and answer format, grouped together by topic.
zcoral zcoral 8 years
Suze Orman - Young Fabulous and Broke! Buy it! There is a great one for just women as well.
sugoionna09 sugoionna09 8 years
I don't buy them but I do check them out from the library!
bluepuppybites bluepuppybites 8 years
I've read the Total Money Makeover. It works well for my husband and I because we don't believe credit cards should be used to get things, and this book does just that. I also feel that personal finance should be taught in high schools as a requirement. So many people get into the real world and have no idea about car buying, savings, investing, CREDIT CARDS, or buying a home. Many parents are clueless on their own finances why on earth would they teach their kids? Economics is a joke I don't remember a thing from it except supply and demand. Who really needs to know this stuff unless you take a career in it.
supercoolnat supercoolnat 8 years
I've thought about getting one, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. I would want it to be right for my needs, and I'm having a hard time finding the perfect one.
Linda-McP Linda-McP 8 years
I've both given and received, even though I do prefer to sit down with an expert. The books provide some talking points, however, and I've found them useful.
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
nope - i haven't ever bought one, or received one as a gift. i think that for myself - i would learn a lot more by talking to someone rather than read a book
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