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Hawaii to Send Homeless People Away

Hawaii Is Giving Homeless People a One-Way Ticket Off the Islands

Hawaii is testing the waters with a new program meant to combat homelessness in the state. Business Insider has all the details behind the controversial new plan. 

Hawaii is giving its 17,000-strong population of homeless people a one-way ticket off the islands.

"The DHS will continue to dialogue with the community around these issues," Kayla Rosenfeld, the department's spokeswoman, told the Civil Beat. "At the end of the day, however, we remain concerned this program is an invitation to purchase a one-way ticket to Hawaii with a guaranteed return flight home."

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The bill was backed by several legislators, including State Rep. John Mizuno (D), who told the Huffington Post it wasn't meant to be a "silver bullet." 

"It's fractional, it's not for 5,000 homeless people," he said. "It's going to be a handful of homeless people that we send home, again — home to their support unit."

Once underway, it could help about 100 homeless people return home per year, Mizuno estimated.

Also packaged in the bill was increased funding for substance abuse treatment, mental health support, and housing for addicts.

— Mandi Woodruff

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ikepono ikepono 3 years
I worked in Hawaii for over 22 yrs. dreaming of the day I could go to the beach and look at the stars and the moon, well now that I am able to I am CHASED off the beach by Honolulu Police Department on their QUADS. They threaten me with arrest and tell me to go to go away. (!) The Beach is Public Access by law! The police "profile" those that don't look like Tourists ($) Shame on you H.P.D.!
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