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Holiday Tip: Be Prepared With Answers About Your Job

The days of having your cheeks pinched might be gone, but you're still not getting away under the radar at family gatherings. You're certainly not alone if the question, 'So, what is it that you do now, dear?' sounds familiar. Family gatherings characterize the holidays, and while you just want to enjoy your time out of the office and give thanks or drink hot chocolate by the fire, your relatives will want the latest on your life.

You want to be prepared with a response that is succinct and delivers a clear enough explanation of what it is that you do, exactly. Many of our jobs are on the obscure side and we don't want to get frustrated with our relatives who might be in the dark about how we spend our weekdays. Before you make an appearance at a gathering, come up with a general idea of how you'll respond when asked about your job. The more straightforward you answer the first time around, the more time you'll have to discuss things other than work.


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