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Tipping the people who service you throughout the year during the holidays is the perfect way to say thanks. While it's completely discretionary, it is customary. But how much do you give and to whom? For some helpful tips, click here to

  • Tip according to how long you've known the person, how close your relationship is, and how often you use their services.
  • If you are not in a financial position to give extra money during the holidays, a nice hand-written thank-you note is also a very nice gesture.
  • According to Emily Post, people typically give the following amount of money to the following people:

    • Housekeeper: Up to one weeks pay or a gift
    • Babysitter: Up to one weeks pay or a gift from the entire family
    • Hair Stylist: The cost of one visit or a gift
    • Manicurist: The cost of one visit
    • Personal Trainer: The cost of one session
    • Dog Walker: One weeks pay or a gift
    • Mail Carrier: U.S. government regulations permit carriers to accept gifts worth over $20, but they cannot accept cash, so writing them a check is your best bet
    • Trash Collectors: $10–$30

    I hope these tips are helpful to you this holiday season and remember, the best way to give your tip is to accompany it with a thank-you note. To see Emily Post's entire list of who to tip during the holidays, click here.


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