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Look around. Are you and the majority of your co-workers stabbing at the salads on your desks? According to a recent survey by Robert Half International, senior executives work through lunch three days a week and take about 35 minutes for lunch on the other two days. Because employees are inclined to emulate the habits of their bosses, you can bet those without an office are spending at least three days working through lunch.

Doug White of Robert Half offers tips on how to combat the disappearing lunch break, and there is one in particular that I fancy. In fact, since adopting this way of work, I've discovered more time during the day and have been able to fit in lunch-time workouts a couple days a week — something that was impossible before.

When planning your day, set a few early goals for yourself. In addition to your daily to-do list, consider creating a "to-do by noon" list, for instance. Meeting these deadlines will give you a sense of relief and accomplishment, setting the stage for a more relaxing and enjoyable lunch.


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