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How to: Work For One of the Best Companies

Fortune's annual list of the 100 Best Companies to work for was just released, and some of you already know which company snagged first place. The magazine published a follow up article (February 2008 issue) with insightful tips on how to get hired by one of the 100 Best and they're outlined below. Who's ready to get a fab new job?!

  • It helps to know someone: Looks like the 79 percent of you were right when you declared it's a who-you-know world!
  • Play up volunteer work on your resume: Get involved in your community, pronto.
  • Get ready for multiple interviews: How badly do you want the job? They'll decide over a possible 12 to 15 interviews with a panel of up to 50 employees — start getting rid of that stage fright!
  • Unleash your inner storyteller: It's called behavioral interviewing, and involves detailing your past problem-solving victories.
  • Do creative research: You can't just do a Google search to get a job there. Digging deeper, like talking with customers, will impress the interview panel.
  • There are five more on the list so please

  • Prepare to explain if you've moved around a lot: Like a guy explaining his noncommittal past, you need to tell the company why they're different from past employers and convince them you're ready to settle down.
  • Be open to learning new things: They don't want to hear that you're the best at everything, but they do want to hear what skills you want to acquire or improve by working there.
  • If at first you don't succeed, don't give up: Most of the 100 best-kept files of runner-ups who impressed them and will let them know when positions have opened up. See if you can register on their website.
  • Don't coast on their reputation: It's like dating the quarterback in high school just because he's the quarterback. You can't fake your substantial passion for the company's bottom line if you're just in it for the perks.


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