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A Step-by-Step Guide to Handling a Mistake at Work

The occasional mistake at work is inevitable — what really matters is how you handle it. Deciding how to navigate the aftermath of a misstep gives you an opportunity to demonstrate your integrity, so take the time to manage your mistakes carefully. Follow these four steps to properly solve any work dilemma:

  • Assess the damage. Take the time to step back and recognize where you may have miscalculated. Target the specific issue, identify who was affected, and find out if your blunder impacted any future projects.
  • Communicate the problem. Be honest with yourself, your collaborators, and your boss. It's better that your manager hears about the mistake from you rather than someone else, so speak up and take responsibility for your actions.
  • Ask for help. Once your misstep is out in the open, ask your manager for any suggestions. How might you have avoided the problem? Do they have any advice for tackling the issue? Your manager will appreciate the constructive dialogue and the fact that you value their opinion.
  • Take precautions for next time. After the issue has been settled, pinpoint different techniques to avoid repeating your mistake. Did you miscalculate a key transaction? Vow to slow down and be more thorough. Forget to check in with a major client? Establish a calendar system that reminds you of important follow-ups.

Bottom line: everyone makes mistakes, so let go of the guilt and resolve to move forward. Consider the lesson learned from each misstep and see it as a chance to improve your working style and boost your professional development.

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Maurizio14784687 Maurizio14784687 4 years
Your forgot to mention the two really most efficient and mostly used strategies. I recommend to stick to them rather that following the over optimistic advice of the post, this is because everybody does so and because out there the world is not a nice place (unfortunately). THE REAL STRATEGIES YOU SHOULD FOLLOW ARE: 1 - COVER UP YOUR MESS. By any means: destroy any proof of any wrongdoing, deny always everything without the slightest hesitation, create more mess so that the original mistake goes unnoticed, ..and so on. Please feel free to ask me for suggestion ! 2 - BLAME SOMEBODY ELSE Do it the best way you can, but try to find out somebody else involved to blame. If you can fabricate evidence, put incriminating documents on their desks, spread subtly the voice around that she/he might be involved.
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