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How Much Is Paul Ryan Worth?

Guess How Much Paul Ryan Is Worth?

Mitt Romney may be the Republican nominee most in the spotlight for his finances, but vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan also boasts notable worth.

Although he rakes in cash from Home Depot stocks and being a former landlord, most of his money comes from his wife and inheritances. How rich is he exactly? Take our quiz to find out!

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Guess how much Paul Ryan is worth?

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Danzig83 Danzig83 4 years
Your a sore LOSER!!! =DD
Danzig83 Danzig83 4 years
Bryan3483820 Bryan3483820 4 years
Bryan3483820 Bryan3483820 4 years
Bryan3483820 Bryan3483820 4 years
theabnranger theabnranger 4 years
Good for Congressman Ryan and family! Now, if only the Obamaniacs and their demonstrably ignorant, 20th century-mired, collectivist diseconomics would get stifled, there might be a chance for more and more Americans to EARN such wonderul wealth. But, no, jealousy, incompetence, indolence, indifference, and REVENGE!! clutter the minds of too many who have been on the guvmint teat, the Democrap plantation, for too long. And then they obliviously wonder why they have not fared better in life.
Bob3452621 Bob3452621 4 years
@Demetrios3474258  @Benny3457937 Greedy Union sheep are the reason all of the jobs went overseas. Unions benefit from Democrat politicians and the perks are also a handout. They are exempt from Oblamer care.
Demetrios3474258 Demetrios3474258 4 years
@Benny3457937  sir! I am 52 years old man I am working since 12--- I never -never received a hand-out from uncle Sam I am in the Union DC-9 working with an electric company mostly in public schools l in NY I will never-never vote for a Republican! WHAT IS YOUR POINT?
Shrinking3460907 Shrinking3460907 4 years
And Obama is worth 11.8 million.  Exactly what is the point of this article?
Ceefo1977 Ceefo1977 4 years
Reply to Benny3457937- It's obvious that you have listened to the machine that Obama created welfare... When in all actuality the all mighty Ronald Wilson Reagan predicated the face of a welfare queen on a minority... I know what you're thinking and what you've been taught, but you need to find the facts for yourself and stop listening to these spin doctors that have nothing else better to do with their lives... Their sole mission is to tear down the accomplishments of  another man who reached for greatness and attained his dream... Listen, in no way am I defending Obama...  He'll have to show me more in these next four years, but our country is just like our house and senate "divided"... So let's hope they/we can all put their egos aside and help "our" country to start building and stabilizing our economy... Thanks!!!
Benny3457937 Benny3457937 4 years
No wonder so many people voted for Obama, considering the hand-outs and benefits they receive from Uncle Sam.  It's not rocket science!.  It's about time that everyone carried their own weight and started earning their money instead of holding out their hand.
Bob3452621 Bob3452621 4 years
Danzig83,    Greedy unions have sent all of the jobs overseas !!!
SouthernPatriot SouthernPatriot 4 years
So WHAT? John Kerry's wife is a millionaire! Thats why I buy Hunt's ketchup not her Heinz! And oh BTW JFK and FDR were RICH. So what is your freakin' point?
Tren835 Tren835 4 years
Reply to Danzig83 - I COMPLETELY agree with your comments.  Job well done!! There is NO WAY I would ever vote for Romney.   Your comments says it all.  I voted for President Obama in 2008 and voted for him again 2 weeks ago.  Yes...I am an independent voter, a women of color, a mother, wife, sister, a women with a MBA and PhD degrees and an executive Senior Vice President in a global technology company.  I've never been undecided.  I've always known I supported the President.  He is not perfect but he is working for everyone.  I appreciate the opportunity to vote for him in 2012.  Thank you, President Obama!  I am proud to cast my vote for you! You have given many people hope and a new direction for our future.  Thank you, Danzig83< for your insightful comments.
Danzig83 Danzig83 4 years
Amazing is the amount of ignorance in America today people need to grow up really. We have a person running for president that until recently owned stocks in Chinese companies, ships American jobs off to foreign counties, has off shore bank accounts, Mitt Romney profited by at least $15.3 million (GM Delphi Automotive) from the auto bailout. Will not release any more tax statements for fear that America will see the truth on what he is hiding. Romney urges business owners to tell their employees how to vote or risk losing their jobs. The draft dodger wants to take America to more unfunded wars in Iran, Syria and continue to occupy Afghanistan so that his cronies can get rich while America becomes a true third world country. This guy failed as governor (38% approval rating) and people think he is qualified to run the country!
milchap milchap 4 years
If Obama and Biden get re-elected we are in deep, deep, voodoo.
Philip3409671 Philip3409671 4 years
If Romney and Ryan get elected we are in deep deep vodoo.
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