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Ask Savvy: I'm Bored With My Job After Only Three Months

Dear Savvy,

I'm lucky enough to have found a job after being laid off from my old one, and I've been working at my new company for about three months. I really like the people and the place, but I'm already bored with the job itself! I obviously don't want to look for another job after being unemployed for months and the company is in the industry where I see my career growing. But I'm afraid that I'll go crazy with boredom if I'm stuck with the work I'm currently doing. Any advice?

Savvy says: Three months is a pretty short honeymoon period with a position, but I don't think you're doomed to days full of dull duties. See my tips for overcoming this hump when you


Make a promise to yourself that you'll really give this job a chance before looking for a new one. Then, write down exactly why you think you're bored with the job. Is it the type of work you're doing, that you're not busy enough, the predictability of your days, or a combination of these? Once you've targeted the problem, you can begin working on a solution.


While you won't be able to shake the responsibilities that come with your job description any time soon, you can always ask your boss to include you on different projects and take it upon yourself to find new ways to complete everyday tasks. You're still new at the job, so if you don't have enough on your plate it could be that your boss didn't want to overwhelm you from the start. It's up to you to let her know you're ready to handle more.

You may never have been in love with your job if you've only been there for a few short months, but some of my tips on how to fall in love with your job again could still apply. Keep chugging along with your career in mind, and stay alert for any opportunities that open up within the company and might be a better fit for you.

Are you ready to get answers to your lingering finance questions? Not sure how to get the job you can't stop thinking about? Now's the time to get the information you need. Join the Ask Savvy group and share your concerns. Savvy may answer them on the site. Here's a detailed guide to posting questions or posts to groups if you are new to the PopSugar Community.

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Frenched Frenched 7 years
I agree with Savvy. Three months is really too short to evaluate your current job. Give at least another three months. Things might change. I know it's hard but, try to find something interesting about your job. Good luck!
syako syako 7 years
Good advice! I also wanted to add, that in most companies you have slow periods and busy periods. I started my current job during a very slow time, but after about half a year, things really started to pick up due to the company schedule. So I agree with Savvy, pinpoint the boredom, work on fixing it, and hang in there. Quitting is not the way to go.
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