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Savvy Readers Talk Back: Pet Names, Love or Hate?

Seems like lots of people had something to say about being called "babe" or "sweetheart" at work, and there were comments on my Do People at Work Use Pet Names? poll that almost made me laugh out loud. I was careful to keep my grinning to a minimum because I don't want to scare off my co-workers. Here are some of my favorites:


  • I just happen to work with the tallest, sexiest man on the planet, and he likes calling me sweetheart. Wow do I love that. I never minded it other than that, it's all about intention I guess. As long as they're not calling me lazy or unqualified, I don't really care. —
  • Pookie. My boss calls me pookie. What is worse being called pookie or answering each time she calls me that? — Anonymous
  • Well my nickname is Missy, but I do have a real name... and my boss calls me missy... and it annoys me. Or he'll call me Miss... grrr. The worst part though is that he sometimes holds the "S," and makes a "sssssssss" noise. I can't tell you how much that bugs me. I will usually cough or make a noise so he'll stop hissing. It's like a disease with him. —


For more laughs, read more!


  • "Bugg" by one coworker, used to be "Jenn Bugg" like I was a cute little bug? Boss calls me: sporty spice, variations of my last name, "kiddo", sport, jenn-jenn...yup —
  • Most pet names would make my skin crawl but my boss calls me "Kiddo" once in a while and it makes me feel young which at almost 34 is a good thing! — Auntie May May
  • My name is Kate and my boss calls me Katie May. Really annoying. —
  • Not at my current job, but the worst pet name I was ever called was "kitten" by a creepy old man at a part time job I had in college —
  • I get called "Dizz" which is short for "Dizzy Blonde" — Anonymous
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