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Do People at Work Use Pet Names?

Do you hate it when your colleagues call you sweetheart? A list of the most hated pet names at work was released by online survey site OnePoll and it seems that "love" is the most hated name for UK female employees. Running a close second is "darlin,'" followed by "babe." About 75 percent of the women surveyed feel that pet names are unacceptable.

Luckily, this is not an issue I have to deal with, but I'm wondering how many of you out there have to face this everyday. Do you hear people using pet names at work?

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insulted insulted 5 years
My male boss calls me, as well as a few of my female coworkers, "hun" and "babe" all the time. Not only is it insulting because we are significantly more intelligent than he is but he has already had a prior employee accuss him of inappropriate sexual advances and I spoke with him about these nicknames, told him it was inappropriate, yet he has continued to do it. I will be talking to him about it again soon but have little hope that he will ever stop using these insulting nicknames. Any advice?
Kimpossible Kimpossible 6 years
I don't see that very much in our office, the security guard, however, called me "doll" when I left the other day. It really doesn't bother me when people use pet names though. I only use them with family or very close friends, not typically with strangers or coworkers. Although I do have to catch myself now and then at work since hubby works there and when I see him in his office or if he comes by my desk or if we're in a meeting together, I have to really be conscious of not saying "sweetie" or "babe" etc. In the defense of people who do this, some think it's endearing to do this, they don't mean any harm in it, and others do it because they are terrible at remembering people's names. Personally I'd rather be called sweetie than by the wrong name.
threadhunter threadhunter 6 years
wow - i didn't have names like a lot of you. no one ever called me sweetheart, b/c well, i'm really not that sweet. i got called 'tron' b/c i analyzed everything and didn't show emotion.
Frenched Frenched 6 years
That's actually one of my biggest PET PEEVES. If you want to instantly make my blood boil: simply use the words "Hun" "Honey" "Sweetie" "Sweetheart" "Dear" or whatnot. I just find these words so DEMEANING and ANNOYING. I know it's most likely nothing personal and the person saying is probably just trying to be nice or whatever but, it's just so annoying to me. I act polite but, it really does bug me.
kimmieb124 kimmieb124 6 years
Not at my current job, but the worst pet name I was ever called was "kitten" by a creepy old man at a part time job I had in college.
zabrow zabrow 6 years
i'm an RN & one or two of my coworkers call everyone "dear" which is fine with me... but patients constantly call me "hun" & "sweetie" & "babe" which just completely floors me. i know they don't mean to belittle me & i'm sure they're just trying to be familiar, but it still (almost always) bugs the crap out of me.
missy1632 missy1632 6 years
Well my nickname is Missy, but I do have a real name... and I my boss calls me missy... and it ANNOYS me. Or he'll call me Miss... grrr The worst part though is that he sometimes holds the S, and makes a ssssssssssssssss noise. I can't tell you how much that bugs me. I will usually cough or make a noise so he'll stop hissing... it's like a disease with him.
Gdeeaz Gdeeaz 6 years
My boss calls me G but thats it. Everyone else uses each others real names. One of my co-workers tells me "daaammmmnnnnn Gina" a few times a day. I think its cute.
Studio16 Studio16 6 years
I don't mind being called pet names. I think it's sweet.
Rjs-baby-girl Rjs-baby-girl 6 years
I work with all guys except for 3 other women who are older than me. The guys between themselves will use some "pet" names if you can call it that way, always very funny, but they don't with me and I like it that way. However, the HR lady always calls me Snow-White because when I started working here I dyed my hair almost black and my skin tone is very pale, and my hair was also that lenght so she started calling me that and never stopped since, even if my hair grew. It's become very annoying to me now, but thankfully I'm leaving that place in less than 6 weeks :)
Camarogirl67 Camarogirl67 6 years
"Bugg" by one coworker, used to be "Jenn Bugg" like I was a cute little bug? Boss calls me: sporty spice, variations of my last name, "kiddo", sport, jenn-jenn...yup.
kaytique kaytique 6 years
I work with mostly women, but it's only those who I am close with who have pet names for each other. It's not an offensive thing that way, but more of a camaraderie thing - the way we use them shows that we enjoy working together in a supportive environment. I guess I am lucky!
amber512 amber512 6 years
Thank goodness I work with all women and we only refer to one another by our actual names!
RosaDilia RosaDilia 6 years
I get the occasional "dear" or "sweetie" from the older ladies in my office building but they can get away with it and it doesn't bother me. There's a younger one who once in a while addresses me as "hey girlie" and it's very annoying. I'm 35 and addressing me as "girlie" is way out of range and inappropriate in a professional setting.
dexaholic dexaholic 6 years
"Dear". I have a coworker who says "thank you dear" to me all the time. She is around my age. I don’t get the need to add “dear” to the end of the thank you. I know she probably didn’t mean it this way, but it makes me feel like I’m twelve years old, not thirty, and certainly not like a business professional. (Yes, I felt the need to add “business” in there, because “professional” on its own has certain connotations to it that I certainly am NOT!).
bethinabox bethinabox 6 years
A couple of my coworkers use pet names like that, but honestly I don't mind. But I work in retail (Best Buy) so I guess in that particular environment it doesn't bother me, but it might if it were a more professional setting. Except when this one guy uses pet names, it's just creepy coming from him, LOL.
Girl-Jen Girl-Jen 6 years
I work in EMS. Most of my coworkers are young men, a group of people who don't usually use pet names. The older ladies in the billing department next door occasionally come over, and they'll let a "honey" or "sweetie" slip out, but whatever.
Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 6 years
I just happen to work with the tallest, sexiest man on the planet, and he likes calling me sweetheart, wow do I love that. I never minded it other than that, it's all about intention I guess. As long as they're not calling me lazy or unqualified I don't really care.
socalbeachgal socalbeachgal 6 years
Not so much these days but used to be called sweetie, honey, babe (the worse). Depending on who is saying it I used to just say to them with a smile, my name is Mona, please use it. After a few times they got the hint. It is all about respect.
theCatsPajamas theCatsPajamas 6 years
the absolute worst is "Hon." The worst part is that lots of men don't realize that it's belittling. They think they are being complimentary, or at the very least, familiar. And I'm usually in a position where I can't say anything to them about it because they are my superiors, or colleagues of my boss.
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 6 years
lol my work is very laid back and we all get along really great and yes, we use pet names haha. The older women out of us 4 girls calls us her chicklets because she doesn't have kids and considers us to be them lol and my supervisor calls me hun or love or darlin. We are all super upbeat and comfortable with each other :) Then there's the creepy old admin guy who calls us "thegirls" and it annoys the crap out of me because he says it in a demeaning way. Urg. You win some, you loose some!
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