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Quitting My Job to Travel: Any Tips?

This post was shared by reader jchild in our Ask Savvy group.

So I have been planning for over a year to quit my job and travel! I know most people would say in this economy it is a bad idea but I have established myself pretty well in my industry and have done well for myself, however, after all the hours are worked I still feel like I need to explore the world since I am under 30 and don't have any other responsibilities but myself. I have a big trip to China already in the works for late November and it has finally come time to let my employer know about my plan. But now I am curious what is the best day of the week to give notice and how much notice should I give them more than 2 weeks? I, of course, don't want to burn any bridges but have been planning for this trip for a while and I am excited for the change! Any tips would be great.

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jelibeann jelibeann 6 years
yes, i am! our situation is a bit different, though...we were planning a move out of state, so we quit our jobs in december and did some traveling and relaxing until our move in july...i wound up getting a job at the end of july luckily, i only had to get one interview to land a job, which i realize is rare (my husband is still looking for work)...however, i don't think the hiatus would have been an issue...i've been finding people are really more interested to hear what i did, why i did it and what i gained, as opposed to looking at me as someone who just didn't feel like going to work anymore :) either way, i can't stress enough how this really was one of the best things we ever could have done for ourselves and we would do it again if we ever got the chance
jelibeann jelibeann 6 years
My husband and I quit our jobs (each having worked for our companies for over 7 years) in December to take some time off and go on a cross-country road trip. He let his boss know about 6 months ahead of time...just the type of relationship they had. I told my boss about 2 months out. We knew what our plans were and felt that the longer we gave, the better prepared our offices would be. Neither of us had a bad experience with that and we have both benefited since, from leaving our bosses with positive impressions. That being said, I think 2 months is way beyond what is necessary. I'd say you have to really consider how long you've worked for the company and what type of personality your boss has (I knew from experience that mine would appreciate the excessive notice and treat me with respect, not as an employee who was leaving in 2 months.) Sorry this is so long...we went back and forth for a while on what to do, since we had planned on leaving almost a year out. I remember the stress and excitement that went into it all. Best decision we ever made, by the way :)
michlny michlny 6 years
2 weeks is standard; however, if you already have the trip planned, no reason why you couldn't give longer notice and offer to help backfill your position.
DazzleDe DazzleDe 6 years
Congrats on your big plans! 2 weeks notice is standard for most workplaces - so you should be fine giving that. If I were you though, I'd be careful what I shared with my co-workers (and especially supervisors) about my upcoming plans. As excited as you are take a year off to travel, if you plan a return to the same industry/field, you may come back with the reputation that you don't take your career seriously. I would just say that I am taking some time to evaluate my career track and look for other opportunities.
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