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How to Quit Your Job 2010-08-16 06:00:27

Dos and Don'ts For Quitting Your Job

There was a lot of focus on quitting your job creatively last week. From the newly notorious Steven Slater, to the would-be-so-gratifying-if-it-wasn’t-a-hoax "Jenny DryErase," dissatisfied employees everywhere vicariously lived out their dreams of going out with a bang. But what if you just actually need to quit your job, and don’t want to burn any bridges or garner Internet fame while doing so? Read on for a few dos and don’ts for moving on.

Do Don't
  • Give your employer plenty of notice (at least two weeks!)
  • Get organized for your replacement
  • Be honest but tactful about why you're leaving ("I’m looking to grow more in my career," not "I’m bored senseless here")
  • Wrap up any projects you’re in the middle of, or leave clear instructions for how to do so
  • Leave your contact info for questions after you’re gone
  • Unleash a string of profanities on your boss or co-workers
  • Give everyone the finger on your way out
  • Take the opportunity to tell your boss what you’ve REALLY always thought of him (or out his Farmville habits)
  • Announce that you’re quitting, and your last day is today
  • Quit via Facebook, Twitter, or any other public venue
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