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When TeamSugar member dancingpanda1988asked for tips on ways to sell yourself that aren't used and everyone else who is trying to get into the door, ilanic13 offered some very useful insight that I didn't want any of you to miss.

Something that I've definitely learned in my years in the professional world is that sometimes you don't have to be the most qualified, but the most agreeable, the one that fits in the environment best, or the most willing to learn and throw yourself into it. I think sometimes that is more important than having skills, since it's often the people who are passionate about something that see things through the roughest of times.

I couldn't agree more with her thoughtful observation. See my tips on setting yourself apart from a crowd of candidates when you


  • Show some personality. Interviews are formal, but just because your outfit is buttoned up it doesn't mean your personality should be, too. The people interviewing you are looking for someone that will not just fit the position, but will fit in and work well with the other employees. Being someone that your interviewer wants to be around will make a lasting impression and you'll surely stand out from other candidates.
  • Be convincingly enthusiastic.If you have the desire to learn about a new field make sure you have plenty of points about why you're interested. Talk to other people in the industry before you interview and reference what you learned from those conversations. If you're simply looking for a similar job at a different company, learn as much as you can about the company culture and develop points about why you're a good fit.
  • Gain confidence by studying your strengths. It may seem obvious, but so many job applicants do not have confidence in their ability to do a job. If it's obvious you don't believe in yourself, how could you expect to win the confidence of a potential employer? Use your strengths as your selling points and explain how they'll enable you to do the best possible job.


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