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I'm Unhappy With My Pay

Savvy Confessions: I'm Not Happy With My Pay

This reader posted in our anonymous Savvy Confessions group, saying that she's frustrated with her pay.

I know it's a rule that talking about how much you make at work is forbidden. I have been at my job for five years and I recently found out that someone who does significantly less work, has only been with the company for two years, works at a lower position, and does not have a degree makes the same as I do. It's very frustrating because I still live at home and am saving as I cannot afford the cost of living on my own with the amount I make. Not only does she make as much as me, but she also doesn't use our health insurance (she gets it from the state as a single mom) or invest in her 401(k), so she probably takes home twice as much as me! I would never not pay for my insurance or not invest in my retirement just so I can have more money in my pocket. With my review coming up, I just pray that my boss compensates me fairly for all the hard work I do.

Pose your own anonymous questions or off-load your work confessions by posting in the Savvy Confessions group, and I'll find the right expert to help you out.

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futuralon futuralon 5 years
Ask for a raise every year. Hit websites and ask your non-work acquaintances to find out what's average for your career path / education level / geographical area. Knowledge is power.
VanessaJ VanessaJ 5 years
I would ask for a raise at your review. Make a list of any accomplishments that you have made while you have been employed there so that they can see that you are an asset. I have been in a similar situation & it is very disheartening. If they decide that they are not going to give you a raise, maybe it is time to start putting some "feelers" out for a new, better paying job where your efforts would be rewarded.
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