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Savvy Reader Advice For Recovering From an Awful Interview

Last week Shortiegurl03 divulged a terrible interview tale wondering if other Savvy readers had ever had a similar experience. Thankfully, a handful of readers offered up some smart and encouraging tips, reminding us interviews are stressful for everyone.

  • Interviews can be really tough and nerve wracking. One of the things I do is write down all of the questions I think they will ask and jot down points I want to mention for each question and then rehearse them until I remember all of the points. Good luck! — senorita
  • I communicate well in writing, but I'm not so eloquent when I have to speak up, especially in an interview. Maybe it's the same for you? It may not have gone as bad as you thought and hopefully your interviewer will give as much consideration to your resume and cover letter (as long as the position you were interviewing for wasn't public speaker). — Pistil

To see a few more tips,


  • I have a bad habit in interviews and presentations of thinking about the most inappropriate mistake I could possibly make, and then, um, making it. But I second Pistil's thought that you may not have come off as badly as you think! I can guarantee your interviewer has had worse experiences, and she may just have chalked your blunders up to nervousness and given you the benefit of the doubt. — MandyWH
  • I think we've all had bad interviews. Sometimes you just don't mesh with the interviewer. Not to deflect the experience from you, but if it felt that awful the interviewer must not have had great control. If it doesn't work out, you'll find someplace else. I'd just try and turn this into a learning experience, and it sounds like you already have! — KaliforniaGurl

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