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Once you've made the commitment to venture on the job hunt, whether it's voluntary or not, a new sense of purpose can take over. You're finding listings that you never knew existed, maybe you start to consider making a bigger change than when you started out, and you've had a few good interviews. But this initial high can wear off after you've been playing the game for too long without seeing results, and the fire you began with can sizzle into a pile of crumpled résumés and cover letters. The New York Times understands your frustration and has some innovative tips for reigniting your enthusiasm for the job hunt, including a new twist on networking. To see what they recommend for a new approach on your job search just

  1. Refocus by getting out of your own head: Find a friend, relative, or colleague who you trust and ask them to give you feedback on your résumé , interview skills, and composure. Their tips may help set you apart from other candidates.
  2. Solve the interview dry spell: Because hiring managers use tracking systems that search for keywords in résumés, tailor your résumé with wording from the job posting for each position you apply for.
  3. Network, with a twist: Instead of asking your contacts for jobs, ask them for advice and useful anecdotes like how they found their last three jobs.
  4. Take advantage of your LinkedIn membership: Aim to have at least 65 LinkedIn connections and use the “answers” feature to get advice from other users.
  5. Refine your interview tactics: Offer solutions on how to help the company you're interviewing with instead of talking about yourself too much.
  6. Set realistic expectations: Don't expect to get an offer from the first company you meet with — interviewing is often a numbers game.


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