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Jobs With High Salaries

These Guys Make Over 100k Without a Bachelor's Degree

It's commonly thought that a bachelor's degree (or higher) is key to breaking through the 100k salary ceiling. A recent list published by proves us wrong, reports CNN.

Topping the list is the air traffic controller job, of which the highest pay is $159,000. Next, the highest salary paid out to nuclear power reactor managers is $128,000. Other jobs that follow in their six-figure footsteps include fire chiefs, court reporters, directors of security, and elevator mechanics. Although these jobs don't require an undergrad degree, they seem to entail years of rigorous training and sound like pretty high-pressure jobs. Do you think the salaries for these jobs are fitting?

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ShaynaLeah ShaynaLeah 6 years
Any job that involves running into a burning building should pay at a HUGE premium! I might be well paid for the years of education that I invested a large amount of money in (and yes, I am), but my job doesn't come with risk of death.
classysassy classysassy 6 years
An elevator mechanic?!
lickety-split lickety-split 6 years
You couldn't pay me enough to go into a burning building or put myself in a situation where I could be shot at. Fire fighter and police services always seem to me like they deserve the big bucks. And yet when it comes to firefighter, there's often a wait list to apply. I'm glad people want to do that job, but I don't see the draw.
SamBourdain SamBourdain 6 years
Those are some big numbers but I think you did the right thing by pointing out that starting salaries in each of the listed fields are probably not as high as the mentioned salaries. Management level individuals with years of experience are the ones who are compensated well.
amber512 amber512 6 years
Wow! They all definitely make more than I would have thought.
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