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Ten Best Paying Nonprofit Job Opportunities

If you've been assessing where your career is headed and the thought of sending your resume to a nonprofit has crossed your mind, you first need to step back and consider if it's really the right move for you. And if you've gone through all of the important considerations of working for a nonprofit and are convinced there's potential for you to be happy in the nonprofit world, you should look at the kinds of jobs available in most organizations. The salaries are typically lower than those at for-profit companies, but you need to evaluate whether the work is worth a possible pay cut. According to "40 Best Fields for Your Career," here are ten of the best paying jobs in advocacy, grantmaking and civic organizations that also have the greatest growth potential in their field.

  1. General and operations managers: Responsible for the day-to-day functions of the organization for an average salary of $76,783.
  2. Public relations specialists: Handle all of the media and campaigns and earn an average salary of $44,080.
  3. Executive secretaries and administrative assistants: Perform general office functions while earning an average salary of $35,085.
  4. Bookkeeping, accounting and auditing clerks: Handle the financial affairs for an average salary of $28,796.
  5. Fitness trainers and aerobics instructors: Organize and direct leisure and athletic activities and earn an average salary of $21,411.

There are five more jobs on the list so just

  1. General office clerks: Keep the group offices organized while earning an average salary of $21,405.
  2. Receptionists: Answer and direct calls and earn an average salary of $20,116.
  3. Janitors and cleaners: Perform a wide range of cleaning and maintenance duties while earning an average salary of $17,965.
  4. Recreation workers: Work at community centers, health clubs and fitness centers run by nonprofit organizations for an average salary of $17,404.
  5. Childcare workers: Look after children enrolled in nonprofit programs while earning an average salary of $15,988.
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