When we asked you if you would let your child pursue a career, you were pretty split on the issue. In Olympia, Washington, the 10–year–girl needed her parents to accompany her through her work day. However, things are different in Brazil.

To see what a boy genius is up against,


The New York Times reports that an eight–year–old Brazilian boy passed an entrance exam for Paulista University Law School. Problem is the institution is keeping him from attending as they want him to first complete grade school and high school.

While the child is obviously bright beyond his years, it doesn't seem to be an unreasonable request to have him finish the regular academic regimen. He'll likely breeze through ten years of schooling in no time! But, his papa doesn't agree. He's taking it to court to let the judges rule on the decision.

In the meantime, the Education Ministry has been asked to bar elementary school students from taking the test.

Tell us, do you think it's irrational to ask the tot to finish his regular schooling?