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Money Tip: Learn From Your Mistakes, Then Move On

Sometimes, no matter how much we're on top of our expenses and feel in control of our finances, mistakes do happen. Take, for example, a recent money mistake compliments of yours truly. In my attempt to purchase the perfect wedding gift, I failed to pay attention to the currency in which the present's price was listed. Had I not been so excited in my pursuit I would have noticed the price was not in dollars like I'd thought; rather, it was listed in euros.

There was no turning back after I'd made the purchase, and while at first I kicked myself, I realized that it was hardly a waste of money. Was it more than I intended to spend? Sure, but when you live within your means, these mistakes don't come with as big of a blow as they do to a budget that is stretched to the limit. I was able to gracefully absorb the ditsy moment by reducing extra expenses a bit more, but it's certainly a mistake that I won't make again!

Have you made any expensive money mistakes lately?


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