Even those of us that love our day jobs have moments where we imagine what it would be like to do something totally different. Maybe you'd be a great weathergirl or television producer? Maybe an architect or art gallery owner?

Portland-based Vocation Vacations is giving people a peek into life on the flip side by offering its clients a variety of two-day "mentorships" in fields from fashion to dude ranching and beyond.

For those of you dying to spend a few days in the wild world of fashion, here are just a few of the options:

* Perfect the art of the make-over in San Francisco, California and shadow style expert Kate Rice;

* Become a costume designer for New York stage plays;

* Bag your current career and head to Laguna Beach, California to try your hand at being a handbag designer;

* Go totally Hollywood and find a niche in the world of industry make-up artists.

Whatever your dream job, chances are they'll have a vacation package that suits your needs just perfectly. Be sure to send us a postcard!