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I just came across a revealing story about beauty routines. Four women kept a beauty diary for a month, writing down what they did (and how much it cost) to look good. While these women profiled aren't spending $1,000 a week, it's still easy to see why the beauty industry is so profitable!

On the low-maintenance end of things is 23-year-old Siobhan, pictured here, who has a busy schedule filled with parties. (And as only a 23-year-old can, she can get away with two hours of sleep.) She saves money by getting free trims as a hair model, uses Nivea on her face, and buys Rimmel cosmetics. Total spent? £145.62 for the month, about $292.

Then there's Lisa, a 35-year-old DJ and mother of two. She says she doesn't pamper herself much since having children, and her routine is a balance between high-end splurges and drugstore steals. She uses Kiehl's products in the bath and pricey Elemis eye cream on her face, but goes for Johnson's Baby Skincare wipes to remove makeup. Including products and beauty treatments, Lisa spent £699.44, about $1,409.

For two more routines, including one very pricey one,

Debby, 59, is a reiki healer who says that meditation, not products, gives her a healthy glow. She uses the legendary Boots serum and drugstore foundation, but treats herself to fragrances from Prada and Issey Miyake. It's not clear whether she counts her new age therapies in her final tally, but she reports spending £347.13, about $699.

Finally, there's Melissa, a former model who designs the Melissa Odabash swimwear line. Her jet-set lifestyle takes her to Cannes (twice!) and to fabulous parties. It's strictly top-of-the-line for her: She uses Chanel foundation, YSL mascara, Decléor facial oil, and she opts for a £250 laser facial with famed dermatologist Dr. Sebagh. By the end of the month, she's spent £1,704.88—roughly $3,435.

I always think it's interesting to look into the routines of other women. These four have very different lifestyles, but beauty plays a part in each of them. I'm somewhere in between Siobhan and Lisa: I love a bargain, but I'm willing to pay a little extra to be pampered. What about you?


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