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Mad Men: Was It a Smart Career Move For Peggy to Fire Joey?

Peggy may have Don's respect, but does she have anyone else's? The office politics battle in Mad Men intensified last night when Peggy took the initiative to fire Joey on Joan's behalf. The 26-year-old copywriter went to her boss, creative director Don, to seek his help in dealing with a sexual harassment problem that Joan was facing. Don responded with the old "boys will be boys" line and countered that Peggy needs to take care of the problem herself if she wants to earn respect.

The perpetrator Joey had drawn a sexually inappropriate picture of Joan and when Peggy took Joey aside to discuss the incident, she ended up dismissing the freelancer because he continued to mock the issue. Her efforts to help her fellow woman (the office manager and victim in the situation) went unappreciated — Joan viciously berated her for usurping power. Do you think Peggy did the right thing?

Photo courtesy of AMC

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onlysourcherry onlysourcherry 6 years
No way, Peggy needed to fire Joey for her own career. She told Joey to stop something and he didn't "respect her authori-tay." Joan resents Peggy's way of doing things in general, I think she's upset for other reasons.
weffie weffie 6 years
I would have given Joan the option to do the firing or at least discussed it with her first, especially if I'd been accused of being overly ambitious and self-serving in the past like Peggy. Besides, Joan really needs to feel respected by someone (anyone!)... her life sucks lately!!
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