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Although some of the workplace outfit no-nos for women are pretty obvious — no cleavage, no skintight dresses, etc. — there are some that aren't quite as clear cut. High heels, for example. Recently, there was a lot of chatter about a tweet by Jorge Cortell, CEO of healthcare startup Kanteron Systems, who took a photo of a woman wearing five-inch stilettos at an entrepreneurial investment event in New York. This is what he tweeted out: 

Reactions around the web ranged from outrage from people who view his comment as being sexist to those who agree that stilettos don't present the right image. One Wall Street Journal columnist says, "In a business setting, platform stilettos are the female equivalent of a man wearing his shirt unbuttoned to his clavicle underneath his suit jacket."

What's your take? Are towering stilettos too sexy for the office?

AnnieLaurie15166801 AnnieLaurie15166801 3 years
Those shoes are ridiculous for ANY occasion -- very unhealthful, clumsy and downright ugly. Sexy??? You gotta be kidding!
jingall jingall 3 years
I think it's important to make the distinction that STILETTOS are not appropriate in the office. Heels - great, but not when they're shoes that you could wear to a club.
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