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This episode of Maxed Out is about Christine and Ross, a couple in so much debt that it's extremely difficult for them to keep things afloat. Christine can't even speak without crying because she's so distraught and stressed over their financial situation. They are the only couple among their friends who are still renting, and their dream is to have a home and children.

Christine is taking fertility medication, which her doctors say isn't working because of her high stress levels, but their first priority should really be paying off the $78,000 in debt they have between them. None of that debt comes from student loans or a mortgage; it's all credit cards, credit lines, and a small car loan. Find out how financial guru Allison Griffiths intervenes when you


Allison discovers that every penny of Ross's income from the first seven days of each month goes toward the $1,157 monthly interest payments they're making. At this rate, it will take nearly eight years and $52,270 in interest until their debt is paid off. Allison instructs them to cut expenses to eliminate their $770 monthly shortfall, and by living within their means Christine and Ross will pay off their debt in half the time and with half the interest payments.

The couple doesn't proceed with Allison's instructions as quickly as she'd have liked, and they're hurting themselves by resisting to consolidate their 14 bank accounts. The $337 in bank fees they pay each month really add up — it's twice the amount they've been spending on entertainment. Eventually, Christine and Ross come around and get on the Maxed Out plan, but the one thing they'll never budge on is reducing their cable plan.


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