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Telling the Truth Could Get You Fired

The producers at Fox have certainly capitalized on a seventh grade sleepover favorite — the game of Truth. I was always a Dare girl myself, but the 23 million viewers that watched the premiere episode of "Moment of Truth" sure seemed to be entertained by contestants dishing some pretty personal secrets in pursuit of $500,000. Contestants are hooked up to a lie detector and asked a series of 21 questions that get increasingly more intense, and more honest answers mean more cash all the way up to half a million dollars.

A revelation that the personal trainer contestant is unsure that his wife is his true life partner most likely caused some trouble on the home front, but it's the question regarding whether he ever touched a female client in a non-professional manner that could cause problems at home and at the office. The contestant following the trainer revealed that he looks through his co-workers' desks (people do that?!) and it's these moments of truth that could get these guys fired from their jobs.

Even though the employer isn't the one conducting the polygraph, employment lawyers say the information admitted on TV could cause employers to pursue an investigation of the divulging employee. Personally, answering humiliating questions on TV in pursuit of $500,000 wouldn't be worth it. What about you — would you risk your job for any amount of money?

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