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Money Patterns of the Average Person

Savvy Readers Share Their Money Patterns

Are you ever curious to see how money conscious Savvy readers are? I've rounded up results of several polls I've done over the recent weeks, and the results are pretty interesting. Here's a quick snapshot of your money patterns.


  • Battle between bulge and budget: Ding, ding, ding — Bulge wins this round! I agree with 54 percent of readers who say dieting is way harder than budgeting. Only 15 percent argue that proper budgeting practices are more difficult than healthy eating, and 31 percent are torn between the two choices.
  • Spending when you're in love: Apparently money and love go hand in hand. According to poll results, 82 percent of you spend more when you're in relationships than when you're single. I'm guessing the romantic nights out account for this heavier spending!
  • Giving up washing jeans: People seemed to be more split on this poll, but 59 percent said they would give up washing jeans to save money by lenghtening the life of their jeans. was firm on her refusal, and she said "There is no way that can be healthy for a person's hygiene (especially a woman . . . ). I can only wear without washing if I only sport the jean for like an hour out . . . if it's a full day, no way."

For more interesting results, read on.


  • Budget-savvy: The majority of you, 62 percent, are confident about your budgeting abilities, but 38 percent still feel like they need some help with saving. For those of you who are struggling, check out these five ways to make budgeting fun!
  • Retirement savings: Yay for the whopping 87 percent who are saving for retirement. It really is never too early to start saving for retirement. I'm proud of you!
  • Paycheck effect: 69 percent of you suffer from the dreaded paycheck effect, in which you tend to spend way more than you like on the week you receive your paycheck. For those of you afflicted with this syndrome, remember to monitor and be aware of your spending patterns during paycheck week.
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Marshmelly411 Marshmelly411 7 years
I would love to go for a long time without washing my jeans...only problem is they get extremely loose and unfitting after wearing them a couple times, so I have to wash them to get them tighter again =/
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